50 Flexible Late Night Work At Home Jobs For Night Owls

late night work at home jobs

Are you searching for flexible late-night work at home jobs? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Many people are interested in these type of jobs as they can able to complete the work in free time from their home.

Especially for mothers, who are busy with their kids and home maintenance in the morning, so they choose to work at night.

If you are already doing a job, then these part-time night jobs are really helpful to make extra money. Whether you want a full-time or part-time late night work at home jobs, you can get here.

Some of the companies may not hire all the time, don’t give up and keep on checking for new notifications and apply to as many companies as possible.

Here are some of the best companies that offer both full-time and part-time late night work at home jobs. Take a look at them and start making money by joining them.


50 Late Night Work At Home Jobs For Everyone:



Advanis is a research company that offers freelance night jobs for telephone research interviewers. You have to work in evening shifts from Monday to Friday and specific hours on Saturday.

You can get $10 per hour. Know more details about Advanis and join now.


Swagbucks is one of the best reward programs that give you rewards for completing simple tasks.

It is the easiest way to earn money as you get paid for taking online surveys, watching videos, online shopping, and searching on the web, etc…

You will definitely love this app because the tasks are really easy and take less time to complete so, you can do them while doing other things and watching your favorite series.

After completion of tasks, you get SB reward points and can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash. Not only that, but you can also get a $5 bonus just for signing up.

Check here to know full details and signup for Swagbucks now.



Rev is one of the best platforms for late-night work at home jobs. It offers online transcribing and translation jobs. You can choose your work time as they have 24/7 work.

You can get 40 to 65 cents for an audio minute transcribed. Rev pays every Monday for the work done on the previous week.

One thing that attracts me is, Rev never runs out of work and always have positions for new workers.

Get to know full details about Rev and join now.



Scribie hires freelance workers for transcribing audio files to word documents. You can work as an independent contractor in Scribie from home.

It pays $10 to $20 for audio transcribed per hour via PayPal.

The best thing about Scribie is, you can get your payment within 24 hours so you don,t need to wait for the whole week or month.

Know more details about Scribie and join here.


99 Designs:

Get paid for selling graphic designs on the 99Designs platform. You can place your designs on the site and clients pick your designs and logos and pays you.

You can also get a contract for your work from clients directly if they like your work.

Check here for more details and sign up 99 Designs now.



VIPKid is an online teaching platform. It hires English tutors from the US and Canada to teach China students.

You have to teach students through video conference and each session lasts for 30 minutes.

You can earn up to $2000 per month. It provides flexible working hours for tutors.

Know more details and join VipKid now.



TranscribeMe offers freelance work for transcribers. You have to transcribe the short audio files that usually take 2-4 minutes. No previous experience is required to join this site.

Work is available 24 hrs, you can work anytime you want. You can get $20 for audio transcribed per hour. Payments will be done via PayPal every week.

Once your account reached $10, you can withdraw the money. Get more details about TranscribeMe and join now.



Appen offers media evaluators work for the people who are the engaged users of social media. As a social media evaluator you need to give feedback to the social media feeds and for their search results.

Appen provides flexible job opportunities for people who want to work independently.

As they are highly flexible, so you can work in the evenings or night whenever you’re available.

For a minimum of 5-hour availability for a week, you can earn up to $25 per hour. Join Appen now!


Fancy Hands:

Fancy Hands offers virtual assistant work for the people who are good at browsing(to find clients who need your service) and can able to speak for something instantly.

As a virtual assistant, you need to complete tasks like making phone calls, completing data entry, and booking appointments.

Working hours are flexible and offer $3-$7 per each task. Get more details about Fancy hands.



If you had excellent stuff at customer service and a good listener, this platform may fit for you.

As a representative, you need to provide customer service for different companies. For that, all you need is a computer with a headset and a good internet connection.

The base rate is $10 per hour. Get more details about Alorica and signup here.


3Play Media:

3 play Media provides flexible work at home opportunities for transcriptionists and editors. For transcriptionists work, you need to have good communication skills.

3Play Media wants a commitment of working for 15 hours per week.

As transcriptionists under 3PlayMedia, you can earn between $10-$30. Find the details of 3 Play Media here.



NexRep offers Outbound Sales positions. For this work, you don’t need a landline for phone calls, as you can route the calls with your computer.

You must have a home office and a high-speed internet connection.

NexRep is currently paying $15 to more than $25 dollars. Here also you need to commit a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Join NexRep now!


Amazon Mechanical Turk:

As a client under this company, you have to complete very small tasks like transcription, translation, writing, etc., This is a great starting point for the beginners of online.

One thing you have to remember is that you get paid to the task only when they approve it. If they reject it, you won’t get paid. Join now!



It is the best part-time job and more flexible which allows you to work at any time, any place.

The work involves visiting websites, apps or games and testing them. You have to give proper feedback about their functioning.

The pay rate is $10 per test. Join now!



Just like Usertesting, Userlytic is a usability testing website. This work also involves website testing, apps, and games. You need to give appropriate feedback.

More flexible and get paid up to $10 per each task. The things you need are a laptop with a webcam facility, high-speed internet connection.

Get more details about Userlytic.


This is also the best side gig for those who want to earn online. The work includes simple tasks like editing, filling forms, writing or translation, posting on social media, etc.

These are very small tasks for the freshers to work more efficiently.

The pay starts from $9 for an hour. The payment modes are PayPal account or direct deposit into your bank account. Choose PayPal mode as you can get paid weekly from it. Get started now!


Lionbridge(Smart Crowd):

Lionbridge is an online website that pays money for doing simple tasks like data entry, testing, interpretation, and web search.

It is a flexible work at home opportunity where you are allowed to work whenever you’re available.

The payments are based on your work and the number of hours you put in. The payouts are generally on a monthly basis.


At LeapForce, your job is to be a search engine evaluator. Search engine evaluation job involves checking up on accuracy and relevancy of search result pages returned by a search engine like Google in response to the keyword given to you.

They provide flexible working hours. Pay rates range from $10-$13 per hour. LeapForce follows a monthly basis payout via checks or fixed deposits.

All you need is to know how search engines work and need to familiar with SEO.


Brain-fuse is an online tutoring company. As a tutor, you need to take the class for a period of one hour. You can take up classes based on your availability.

You will get paid $10 for each session which lasts for one hour. Some times the pay rate is based on experience.

The payment is mode followed by Brain-fuse is a direct transfer of money into your bank account for every 15 days.



If your wish is to work at night time, this might be the right option for you. The work is to review the phone calls which were recorded.

You have to listen to the recorded phone calls and make answers to the instructions given by the company.

Once you reach the limit of $10 then your money will be transferred to your PayPal account on a weekly basis.

The interesting thing about Humanatic is that you are allowed to see how much you earn per night and who is/are the top earner/earners of that day.


USA Contact Point:

If you’re searching for part-time jobs, the first thing you must try is a call center job as a customer service representative.

The work is to pick up the calls and give necessary information to the clients. Hours are flexible and can earn up to $0.18 per minute.

You can also make it as a full-time job as call centers work for round the clock. Apply now.



This is also another online tutoring company, but the difference is Tutor.com allows you to teach all the subjects not only English, Maths, and Science.

As a tutor, you need to teach the classes for students of class 4 -12 and college. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and Excel with the academics of students.

Payments go on a regular basis and no invoices required.



Similar to VIPKid, TutorVista also another online teaching platform. TutorVista offers you either full-time or part-time jobs based on your availability.

Work is assigned usually in the evenings or night time hours of the US or UK. The session lasts for 45 minutes long and a minimum of 5 hours per week is essential.

The minimum qualification of post-graduation is required and payments are quite interesting.



If you have excellent skills in writing, then you had the right step here. WritersDomain is an online freelance writing platform, which pays for high-quality content writers.

Your payments completely depend on the clients for whom you’re writing. A minimum of $15 for an average article and a lot more for excellent content.



Testbroker is another online freelance writing platform that was operated in 2008.

They pay per word and the amount of each word depends on the quality of the content. The higher the quality, the higher the pay.

Payments were done on a weekly basis, usually on Fridays. Join now!


Video Game Tester:

Do you love playing video games? If your answer is yes, then you can easily make money from where you love.

Video Game Tester is a flexible job, which pays you easy money for playing video games.

What you need to do is to play the video game, test their working process, graphics part, etc. Give your best feedback and honest suggestions for the development of that particular game.


Earning Station is a typical online paid research company that is quite similar to Swagbucks.

Apart from surveys, you were also allowed to play online video games, watching videos and online shopping for earning points.

All those activities accrue StationDollars(SDS). You can redeem those points for gift cards at Amazon or PayPal cash.


Media Bistro:

If you have a good following on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites, then you have the right choice here.

Many companies and other solo entrepreneurs search for social media experts or consultants to manage their social media accounts.

The working hours are flexible and the pay rate varies from person to person.

Are you a social media hunter? Then why so late, find more details of Media bistro here and connect now!



Have you ever listen about Review Writing Sites? These sites pay you for writing reviews on products and services that you are personally used or if you have good knowledge of them.

Pay Per Post is one of the Review Writing Sites and its minimum payout is $50.

The payment option followed by PayPerPost is PayPal.


Sponsored Reviews:

Similar to PayPerPost, it is also a Review Writing website. All you need to do is to write reviews on products, services, company, etc.

The payment option is PayPal. Some times the payment depends on the company, length of the review, etc. Join now!

Time Etc.:

Have Administrative and organizational skills? Don’t you find any perfect job? Then you have the right choice here.

Time Etc is a virtual assistant company that hires people who are independent contractors and have administrative skills.

As a virtual assistant, the work involves completing administrative tasks like making travel arrangements, filling out forms, and the other associated odd jobs.

You’re allowed work during day or night based on your interest. The basic requirements you need are a home office with a quiet environment, a commitment to a 1-year contract, and work for a minimum of 5 hours per week.

The pay rate followed by Time Etc. is $11-$16 per hour.



This is the right platform for people who have good administrative and time management skills.

If you have professional data entry experience, then you are allowed to work as a VA for this company and perform tasks that they will assign you.

Today, many virtual assistants are doing various tasks based on their skills.

The pay rate is also quite good and it is $15-$20 per hour. Get more details here.


Cactus Global:

In Cactus Global, your job is an online translator. If you speak two different languages fluently, then you can use your language skills to earn money as an online translator.

Here, you can make money by translating business documents, legal documents, and website translations.

The working hours are flexible and payments are based on your experience.


Language Line:

LanguageLine hires home-based translators to work as either full-time or part-time employees.

If you have good knowledge of in-demand languages, then you easily earn money with your language skills as an online translator.

The payments are based on your experience.


This company hires professional/creative bloggers or freelance writers to write blog posts for them.

The payments depend on the quality of the content.

If you have excellent writing skills and want to make money with that skill, Blogging Pro is an amazing platform for you.



In LiveWorld, the job you’re going to do is an online moderator. As an online moderator, your work is to monitor the communication activities on the website.

The best thing you can do as a moderator is that you can able to protect your client’s brand and reputation by moderating the content.

LiveWorld provides a flexible working schedule and the base pay rate is $8 per hour.



Modsquad is another platform that allows you to work as an online moderator or social media moderator. The work is to add value to existing content by your skills.

The working hours are flexible. This is the best late-night work at home job for the people who have skills in moderating the content and make it more attractive to the readers.


Reasoning Mind:

Reasoning Mind is also one of the online tutoring platforms. If you have good skills at a particular subject, then the Reasoning Mind helps you to earn money by teaching lessons to children via online sessions.

The payment mode followed by Reasoning Mind is via PayPal. This platform asks you to sign up for a commitment of a fixed in a week. Join now!


Freelance Writing:

Want to become a freelance writer? Don’t you find the right platform?

Whether you are copywriter, editor, creative writer or anything in between, sites like Upwork, FlexJos offer you some income.



LiveOps hires home-based customer service agents to provide 24-hour customer service for their customers.

This work involves you take inbound calls from their customer’s behalf of the company.

The working hours are flexible and even have 30-minutes of work increments. The payment is still not clear about how much a person earns but the platform is a legit one.


USA Contact Point:

If you have good telephone skills, then this may be a good work from home job for you. In USA Contact Point, the job you’re going to do is customer service.

The working schedule is flexible and can earn up to $0.18 per minute plus incentives. Check more details here.



Uhaul is another platform that provides a position of customer service and sales. This platform provides night shifts for those who want to work from home during late-night.

The base pay rate is $9 per hour and working hours may vary from person to person.


Network Testing:

If you have good knowledge about the network functioning, and network security and have practical experience on them, then you must try Network Testing.

Your work is to check the functionality of the network and reviving lost networks.


Design Crowd:

In Design Crowd, you’re going to work as a graphic designer. As a graphic designer, you’re are going to earn a steady income every month.

All you need is to have creative ideas in the graphic design field and need to market them to appeal to more clients.


Language Line Solutions:

If you have good interpretation skills, then Language Line Solutions is for you. With over 35 years of experience, this company provides high-quality on-site interpreting, interpreter testing, and training.

This company will assign you to work based on your location and experience. This provides you to earn decent income and payments will be paid for an hourly basis.


Take Online Surveys:

Here you get paid for your opinions. Interesting right! Yes, there are some legit companies that pay you for your opinions on various products, services or companies by simply filling out surveys online.

This is the right platform to earn some side bucks without having worked for more than 2 hours at night.

All you need to do is to sign up many trusted and highly paid legit survey websites as possible.

If you were a student or a homemaker, here you can easily earn your pocket money by simply working for 2 hours before you go to sleep.

Here’s the list of sites which pays you for taking surveys online:

Global Test Market: Pays $5 per each survey, Pay Pal cash, or gift cards at Amazon.

MySurvey: Pays cash, gift cards, etc.

Toluna: Pays cash, Amazon gift cards, prizes, etc.

 Survey Savvy: Pays cash through check.

Late Night Work At Home Jobs: Conclusion:

So, what you saw above is the big list of companies that offer late night work at home jobs. These are the best and legit opportunities for those who want to do a side hustle.

The best thing you can find here is that you can also sign up for two or more companies to fill your pockets with more bucks.

Have more queries? Drop me a comment below.

Written by Sravani Meesala