90+ Genuine Work From Home Jobs With No Investment in 2019

90 work from home jobs with no startup cost

Nowadays everyone wants to make money online or from freelance jobs. There are a lot of opportunities for online money-making. But be very careful while choosing them. There may be high chances of falling into a scam.

If any site requires you to pay for joining, then it might be a scam (most probably).

Did anyone pay for joining a company offline? No, Right? Same thing applicable to online jobs also.

Maybe the working environment is different for online jobs (mostly you do work from your home), but not the policies. They do not require any investment from you to join.

And, always know the difference between job opportunities and business opportunities. Business opportunities need a startup fee.

So, be careful and don’t get caught in a scam.

We provide a list of companies that offer free work home jobs with no investment needed. Instead of searching for different sites, here you can know the details of all possible sites briefly that offer freelance jobs.

Check them and apply if you want to join them.


Free Work From Home Jobs With No Investment:

Here we have listed 90 genuine companies and categorized them according to the type of job like tutoring, proofreading, writing, etc. So you can browse the jobs that you like to do in an easy manner. Keep scrolling and join the one you like to work with.


Online Tutoring Jobs:



Tutor.com offers teaching jobs in a wide range of subjects and provides time flexibility.

You do not need any experience to apply for this but you need to pass a qualifier test.

The pay is hourly based. Check out the full details and apply for Tutor.com.


Chegg tutors:

Chegg tutors provide work from home jobs that don’t cost money in the teaching field. As a Chegg tutor, you have to answer the questions being asked by students in various subjects.

You can choose the subject and time whenever you want to work. The pay starts for $20 per hour. Know more details here Chegg Tutors.


Verbal Planet:

Verbal Planet is slightly different from other tutoring sites, it allows you to set your own time table and pay rate.

You get paid directly from the students and verbal acts like a mediator to set up a tutoring account for you. Go through more details and apply Verbal Planet.



It provides no-fee online jobs to teach the students from the elementary level to higher grades.

You need a bachelor degree and have some previous teaching experience the subject which you want to teach.

An internet-connected computer with video chat ability is required. Apply and start earning Aim-For-A-Tutor.



Brainfuse offers free work from home jobs in tutoring. To apply for this job, you should have a bachelor degree in the subject.

Time flexibility will be given so you can work by your time. Get full details and apply for Brainfuse.



SameSpeak is the tutoring site that hires tutors to teach English to students. You have to interact with the students through video chat.

The pay is $10 for a half an hour session and pays every Friday. When you reach $100 you can take out the money via PayPal account. Know more details and apply for SameSpeak.



Enroll is another great market place to become a tutor, sell materials and worksheets, etc. It hires teenagers also. If you are 15 yrs old, you can apply for this site.

After teaching two free sessions, you will be hired and get paid for the classes. The pay depends on your performance. Check here for more details Enroll.


Elevate K-12:

Elevate provides part-time and freelance jobs to teach different subjects like Mathematics, General sciences, and foreign languages.

You have to teach one to one session instead of teaching to different people.

The students are of different grades from K.G to 12th grade. Know full details and apply Elevate K-12.



TutorVista hires professionals for free work from home jobs in tutoring. You need to have a masters degree and teaching experience for the subject you want to teach.

You need to work for 4 hrs for part-time tutoring and 9 hrs for Full-time tutoring. However, you earn more compared to other sites as it requires more qualifications and work hours.

Check here for more details TutorVista.



Cambly hires native English speakers. It pays $0.17 per minute that means $10.20 per hour.

They track your teaching time through their app and pays according to it. Get more details and apply Cambly.



Learnlight is an online site that offers courses to learn foreign languages. They hire freelance tutors and provide initial training.

Time flexibility is available. Know full details and apply Learnlight.



Gofluent is a different site for real work at home jobs no fees to teach English. You don’t teach students instead you teach employees in small business companies.

It pays through direct deposit once in a month. Check here for more details Gofluent.



Kaplan offers work from home jobs that don’t cost money for teaching online classes. It offers online training for its tutors.

Time flexibility and other benefits are also available. Know more details and apply Kaplan.



Pearson hires tutors for different purposes like answering and posting students questions and teaching live.

You need to be a resident of the USA for most of the posts and have a bachelor degree. Check here for more details Pearson.


Tuta Point:

TutaPoint requires you to have two years of teaching experience to hire. You need an internet-connected device.

Find more details and apply Tutapoint.



TutorMe hires tutors from anywhere in the world. You have to work for a particular schedule and choose among 300 subjects to teach.

The pay is done weekly once. Check here and apply for TutorMe.



It is an online teaching platform that offers free work from home jobs to teach several subjects.

Tutors must have a high school diploma and language certification and teaching license.

Check here for more details and apply Skooli.


Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta Stone hires tutors to teach languages for students online. You need a bachelors degree and native language skill in the language you want to teach.

Get full details and apply Rosetta Stone.


Survey Websites To Join:



Earn reward points for online surveys on products and new brands. The points can be redeemed for PayPal cash and gift cards.

Know more details and start earning SurveyJunkie.


InboxDollars survey:

It pays for you to answer small surveys, watch videos, and open emails. You can earn $5 for signing up.

The pay depends on the survey length. Check here and signup InboxDollars Survey.



Swagbucks is one of the best sites for paid surveys and free work from home jobs. It gives you $5 for signing up and SB points for referring to friends, online surveys, watching videos.

You can redeem the points for PayPal cash. Know more details and sign up SwagBucks.



Get paid for answering simple questions on MyPoints and it gives you $10 for signing up.

You can register with your email address and claim points for surveys. Check here MyPoints.


Vindale Research:

Vindale Research gives you$2 for signing up. It pays for surveys up to $50 for complicated ones. Pays once in every fifteen days of a month.

Check out full details and sign up VindaleResearch.



Toluna allows you to earn by taking surveys and create your own survey polls. It provides points for surveys and later can be redeemed for PayPal cash.

The minimum points required for encashing are 90,00. It gives you 500 points for signup. Check here Toluna.


My survey:

Get rewarded for sharing your opinions on Mysurvey. This platform offers free work from home jobs like taking surveys. You can earn free Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash.

Know full details and sign up Mysurvey.


Global Test Market:

It is one of the platforms for paid online surveys. It pays $5 for a simple survey based on marketing issues. Sign up and get paid for your opinions at Global Test Market.



CashCrates provides many ways to make money by paid surveys, online shopping, playing games, and referring to others.

Pays via direct check monthly once. Know more details and sign up CashCrate.



As the name states, it provides several ways to make money online. Pays you for taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, and searching on the web, etc…

Sign up and start earning EarningStation.



PanelPayday offers the best free work from home jobs in surveys. It is a highly paid survey platform, pays $25 to $75 for surveys.

You can also earn gift cards. Check here for more details PanelPayday.



Mindswarms is different from other survey sites. It requires you to answer questions through videos instead of writing.

Pays $50 for a video survey. Sign up and start earning here Mindswarms.



BzzAgent gives you new products and free membership for taking surveys and giving opinions on brands. Sign up here BzzAgent.


American Consumer Opinion:

Get paid for your opinions on products and test new products. Registration is free and tries to give honest feedback to earn more points.

Check here and sign up American Consumer Opinion.



YouGov frequently hires for paid surveys. You can earn points and gift cards for completed tasks.

Know more details and join YouGov.


20/20 Panel:

You work for a client to who wants to know about their services, products and etc… Earn $50 or more for one project depending on its complexity. Get full details and start earning 20/20 Panel.


Harris Poll Online:

Harris Poll Online is a great way to earn extra money by participating in simple surveys. Win points and prizes for tasks.

Check here for more details and join Harris Poll Online.



It offers much free work from home jobs to earn quick money by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and more…

Pays you within 72 hrs of completion of tasks. You can also earn gift cards. Check out the full details here QuickRewards.


Translation Jobs:


AB Global:

AB Global provides free work from home jobs for translators across the world.

The registration process is simple, send your resume to their email listed on their official page and start working as a translator. They hire translators for all world languages, you just need to know at least two languages.

Know more details and join ABGlobal.


Responsive Translation:

You must be a resident of North or South America to apply for this. They provide translations services to clients.

Hires translators on a contract basis to work for clients. Send your details to their email address and get hired.

Check here for more details ResponsiveTranslation.



You don’t need any experience in translation to apply for this job, but you need to qualify the tests to be hired.

Sign up for free and get paid for translating. The Payment will be done through PayPal. Join here Lingosaur.



Unbable provides multilingual translation solutions to clients. Their translators earn $8 to $18 per hour depending on the project. They pay you weekly.

Get more details and sign up for free Unbabel.


Back to Basics Learning Dynamics:

It offers work at home jobs free to start in different fields like translation, tutoring, other educational services, transcription, etc..

You can find the type of work that you want to do and sign up for free.

They hire you to work for a part-time worker to translate documents. You must live in the USA to apply for this. Sign up for free here.


Globalink Translations:

It specializes in translations and cultural adoption of documents in fields like medical, research, etc..

Send your resume to their official email and they send back further information for the recruitment process.

Check here for more details Globalink Translations.


Languages Unlimited:

Work as a freelance translator in Language Unlimited and get paid. Fill out the details in the application form and they will notify you when a new project comes.

Know more details here.


Customer Service Jobs:


Accolade Support:

You can work as a customer service agent on a contract basis. You will contact clients and assist them through calls.

A working computer and headset are needed. Check here for more details AccoladeSupport.



Work as a freelance customer service agent and provide tech and customer support to clients.

They provide initial training to start a project. Know more details and join TeleTech.



Hires freelance workers for setting reservations to customers. You can earn $8 per hour and paid training for 4 weeks.

Join and start making money Uhaul.



It provides free work from home jobs for call center agents. It gives time flexibility and paid training.

Check here Convergys.


Sutherland CloudSource:

It provides initial training to work as customer service agents and gives benefit packages in addition to pay.

Know more details and join Sutherland CloudSource.



Alorica provides no-fee online jobs to assist customers through calls and you have to work for minimum 10 hrs per week.

Check out the full details and sign up Alorica.


Alaska Airlines:

They hire US residents only for freelance works as a customer representative. The pay starts at $17.50 per hour.

Know full details and apply Alaska Airlines.


American Express:

American Express offers free work from home jobs for remote customer care positions. You have to work according to their schedules including day and night shifts.

Apply here American Express.



Apple freelance jobs are one of the highly demanded jobs. They offer tech support positions and customer service jobs.

If you work here, you will be provided with discounts on Apple brands. Time flexibility is given so you can work whenever you want to.

Apply here and get paid now Apple.



Hires email chat agents for customer service experts. Sometimes you need to work through calls also. You can earn $14 per hour at starting.

Check out more details and join Groupon.


Home Shopping Network:

Home shopping network hires agents to help customers in the shopping. You need a high school diploma and customer service experience to apply for this.

You must locate near one of the listed cities for training. Apply here Home Shopping Network.



JetBlue offers both part-time and full-time works for customer service agents. You need to attend one-month training before providing customer care from home.

Know more details and apply JetBlue.



Sykes provides work at home jobs free to start as a customer care agent to answer phone calls, email chat, etc..

You don’t need any previous experience to apply for this job. Apply here for Sykes.


Data Entry Jobs:



Sigtrack offers free work from home jobs for data entry. You will process petition signatures and voter registration etc.

Time flexibility is available. Join and get paid here Sigtrack.


Virtual Bee:

Virtual Bee is one of the famous platforms for work from home data entry jobs. You can be a member and complete tasks in less time.

Know more details and apply for Virtual Bee.


Capital Typing:

Work as a freelance data entry operator or transcriber or chat agent in Capita Typing and get paid. You can send your resume and they will hire you if you are eligible.

Apply for Capital Typing and start earning.


Coding Network:

If you have three years of medical coding experience, then you can work as a remote medical coding expert from home.

Join here Coding Network.


Great American Opportunities:

They hire only US resident people for freelance data entry jobs. The time schedule is flexible and gets paid after the completion of each task.

Apply here Great American Opportunities.


Virtual Assisting Jobs:


Fancy Hands:

If you have a computer and have basic knowledge of programming, you can apply for Fancy Hands.

Clients post their requests and you can choose the project. Mostly one project takes 20 minutes.

Know more details and join Fancy Hands.


Click n Work:

There are a lot of job descriptions like data entry, information processing, writing articles, researching. You can register for free to work from home as an all-around virtual assistant.

Apply here Click n Work.



A Zirtual assistant performs small tasks given by clients like data entry, making calls, word processing, fixing appointments, etc…

The more you work the more you get paid. Know full details and apply for Zirtual.


OnPoint Advocacy:

You need to have excellent communication skills to get this job as you need to interact with customers through phone calls and email chat and you should have experience in data entry as well.

Apply and start making money OnPoint Advocacy.


Transcription Jobs:


Transcribe Me:

It provides free work from home jobs in the transcription field. You have to transcribe an audio file while listening to it.

You can earn $20 per hour.  Get full details and sign up Transcribe Me.


Speak Write:

You must have one year of experience in transcription. People from the US and Canada are only applicable to this.

The pay is 0.05 or 0.06 dollars per word. Apply here Speak Write.



BabbleType is flexible and you can choose what task you want to complete. The pay is done weekly once.

Get more details and join BabbleType.



Rev is one of the popular websites for transcription. Get paid up to $1 per audio minute. You can also translate documents, create subtitles.

The registration process is free and signup for earning Rev.

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Search Engine Evaluator Jobs:



Leapforce hires remote agents to help improve the quality of search results by rating the results from queries. The registration is free and you can earn $13 to $14 per hour.

Sign up here Leapforce.


Google Ads Quality rater:

It has new openings occasionally and keeps checking their website to apply. Check here Google Ads Quality Rater.


Appen Butler Hill:

They provide part-time positions for the search engine or social media evaluator but you have to work for 20 hours per week.

Keep checking for new hirings Appen Butler Hill.



ZeroChaos pays you $15 per hour and you have to work for 29 hours per week. You can choose your time schedule.

Apply here ZeroChaos.



It provides free work from home jobs as search engine evaluator and time flexibility is given.

You can work for 10 to 25 hours a week. Check here iSoftStone.


Researching Jobs:


It is one of the popular websites for online research jobs. You can choose the requests from the site and answer them following their guidelines.

The guidelines are very strict and should be followed. Check here for more details Wonder.


Call Center QA:

It hires freelance telephone shoppers to shop and answer questions. You wil be given $5 per shop.

The task may take 15 minutes and you can earn $20 per hour. Sign up CallCenter QA.



It hires researchers with two years of experience in finance, medical, marketing or other areas. Clients will choose once you based on your qualification. You get paid through PayPal account.

Check here and join Zursh.


Accounting Jobs:



BookMinders provides real work at home jobs no fee required for accountant positions. Though it has flexible work hours, sometimes you need to attend mandatory meetings and you should live near to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

Check here for more details and apply BookMinders.



It is a database that connects experts in all areas to clients. It hires experts worldwide. Know more details and apply Zintro.



ClickAccounts hires freelance employees to work as an Accountant. Send your resume to the email address listed on their official webpage and get hired. Check here and apply for ClickAccounts.



It has openings for Accountants, marketing assistants, and Bookkeepers. It can be an opportunity for accountants. You can also be provided with benefits packages with the salary. Know more details and apply for AccountingDepartment.



Hires professionals in accounting to help other business people by answering questions on tax, other marketing related issues.

Check out for more details here and apply BIDaWIZ.


TAD Accounting:

It offers free work from home jobs for accountants. Work as a TAD accountant by sending your resume to their official email address and get hired.

Go through full details and apply TAD Accounting.


Writing Jobs:


Express writers:

It offers both writing and editing jobs. Apply for free on their website. You have to clear a test before getting hired for it.

Know more details and apply for Express Writers.


Writers Domain:

Get paid for writing articles in Writers Domain. Register for free and write a sample article. If it is accepted, then you can start writing paid articles. They provide grades, the higher the rating the more you will be paid.

Check here for more details and apply for WritersDomain.


Edit Fast:

Earn $250 for writing an article for Edit Fast. The registration is free and after applying you get approved for a topic. Your content should be more informative and you should do research on the topic to get good money. It hires both editors and writers.

Start writing and earn money here EditFast.



You work with web and social media content and blogs in ContentJack. Get full details here ContentJack.



It is also known as Verbilo.  It works with clients who need content for their business promotions and other purposes.

Check here for more details and start writing for BlogMutt.


Telemarketing Jobs:



GoodStart hires freelance sales agents. You have to contact the customer through phone calls and have good communication skills.

The pay is $14 to $18 per hour and pays twice in a month. Apply and start making money GoodStart.


Brighten Communications:

You work as a member of the B2B outbound sales team and you should have some customer service or call service experience.

Pay starts at $12 per hour and can earn up to $18 after getting experience. Apply here Brighten Communications.



LiveOps offers free work from home jobs for call agents. Provides time flexibility and registration is free.

You have to clear the background check to be hired. Get full details here and apply for LiveOps.



To be a Cruise.com call agent you must have some work experience in cruise industries.

You can complete the training from your home. You will get a commission for every product you sell in addition to pay.

Know more details and apply Cruise.com.


Working Solutions:

Working Solutions provides work from home jobs that don’t cost money in a variety of fields like Customer service agents, Sales agent, Data entry, Tech support agents, etc…

You can choose the type of work you want to do and earn money.

Check out for more details and join WorkingSolutions.


Written by Sravani Meesala