34 Companies To Find Email Support Jobs From Home

email support jobs from home

Suppose you need to apply for a job, or you need to send a file, or you need to send a document, what will be your first reliable option? EMAIL right?!,

Observe any of contacting pages on renowned webpages you will find email attached to that, So every communication lingering around Email.

We completely relied on most of our communication through E-mail, What if we can convert this important aspect of communication as jobs from home and generate income from this.

Email Support jobs from home are the best options for those who want to make money by working from home.

Those who have kids at home and can’t go to the office and work for specific hours will definitely find this way the best as they can work from their home and also work as per their leisure hours.

Since these email support jobs from home are in high demand among freelance money-making jobs, you have to be upgraded and keep a top priority check on them.

Luckily, there are numerous companies offering email support jobs, This includes even home-based and they hire frequently for the jobs which include virtual chatting jobs, you can find them by just spending a couple of hours by surfing through the internet, you can find many jobs from home which are suitable for you.

Here we listed out some of the best companies that provide email customer jobs from home, So you don’t have to spend your valuable time apart from planning how to start right away.

Check them and apply to those companies which you feel your work can be more valued, as it keeps you stay motivated and work efficiently.


List Of Companies That Offer Email Support Jobs From Home:

Keep in mind, there won’t be frequent recruitment for these jobs in reputed companies, So better you take your time to check their profile for new openings, and apply right at that moment as there will be limited openings.


Apple Chat Jobs:

Apple chat jobs offer you an opportunity to be a part of the Apple team from working at home. They hire Chat agents for customer services and technical support.

In this job, you interact with customers and you resolve their queries with your smart answers regarding Apple products through live chats or over audio calls.

To apply for this, you should be eligible with having experience in live chatting or customer services.

Their pay scale varies depending on experience, location, and grade.

If you are selected as an Apple home advisory, you can even avail a great margin of discounts on many Apple products and here maximum discount you can avail may be up to 50%

You can apply for this job in the below-mentioned link, Check here: AppleChatJobs.



Arise virtual solutions is the platform that has a wide range of categories related to chat jobs and you can find one that fits into your lifestyle.

It hires small business owners on a contract basis to provide live chat experience and real-time assistance to their customers.

You will work with clients of different companies here and help you to explore more.

They provide time flexibility and you can choose the project and clients with whom you want to work.

Here major thing you need to take care of with working hours, you need to work at least for 15hours a week.

The pay range varies between $9 to $19 per hour and depends on the project complexity.

Check here: Arise.



Automattic owns leading blog management website called WordPress. This site offers you to work from home on email-based, which will be considered as customer support.

Minimum phone work is needed as it is an email processed or chat job.

It has awesome benefits for its employees like company-sponsored life insurance, open vacation policy and more.

They hire people anywhere from the world.

Check here: Automattic.


Live Sales Staff:

Live Sales Staff offers email chat support work at home jobs to provide customer service and sales position to their clients. They have remote, part-time and freelance jobs.

You will be an independent contractor at Live Sales Staff, so you can work whenever and wherever you want.

The average pay earned by agents is $500 per month and sometimes you need to work for long hours for complex projects.

Check here: LiveSalesStaff.


Paperless Pipeline:

Paperless Pipeline as the name indicates, it helps real estate business go paperless by scanning and storing their paperwork.

It is software and this company hire agents for virtual chat jobs to assist their customers and clear their doubts regarding the project.

The pay depends on the experience and your current position.

The openings are not available frequently on this site, you better keep checking their profile for new hirings.

Check here: PaperlessPipeline.



Buffer provides customer advocate jobs to assist customers through live chat.

It is one of the best companies for email customer service jobs from home.

It provides a free $500 to set up the home office and health insurance etc… to employees.

The buffer team is a completely remote team. Sometimes you help customers manage Buffer application and account that gives solutions to manage social media.

Check here for more details: Buffer.



Best Buy hires tech support agents and provides freelance jobs.

You must have the knowledge of technology and need to answer the customer questions regarding technology including Apple, Microsoft products.

You should work for at least 35 hrs per week and have experience in troubleshooting.

The average pay is $11 per hour.

Check here for more details: BestBuy.


Sedgwick CMS:

Sedgwick CMS hires for email chat support work at home jobs and they serve a wide range of clients across the world.

You must have a high school diploma and at least one year of experience in customer service and have good communication skills to be hired.

The employee will get benefits like medical insurance and income protection. They also provide free training.

They also provide another great opportunity called Military spouse employment partnership. If your spouse works in the military, it helps you find freelance or remote work jobs.

The average pay is $10 per hour and can get after every fifteen days in a month.

Check here for more details: SedgwickCMS.


Capital Typing:

Capital Typing offers different categories of email support jobs from home like Customer service, Data entry, transcription, and translation, etc…

They hire freelancers and independent contractors to assist their clients.

Customer service agents will answer the questions asked by clients via email or live chat.

Check here for more details: CapitalTyping.



Concentrix helps the business thriving for revenue model by giving financial consulting, IT analytics, marketing and more.

They hire customer service specialists for email and virtual chat jobs.

The employees will have benefits like fully paid training, medical plans, paid leaves and more.

Check here for more details: Concentrix.



In FancyHands you will be given various tasks including email support duties. You will work as an independent contractor to different clients.

The tasks include Scheduling appointments, Date entry, Contact with customers through email chat, Fixing places for appointments, etc.,

However, you can choose clients which offer only email support jobs from home or you can opt for another if you find you are good at it.

Sign up and specify the type of work you want to do, then they will notify the working vacancy and available slots to start your work.

Check here for more details: FancyHands.



Earning money by doing what we love is really cool, right!, If you love to spend time on social media then you will definitely love to work with this company.

You will be working on social media platforms responding to customer feedback, answer questions and etc.. and you need to make yourself available for customers on social media platform all the time.

You will get paid after the completion of each task.

Check here for more details: LiveWorld.



Freshdesk is an online customer support software and hires chat agents to provide real-time support for the customer visiting their websites.

If you want to work for email support jobs home-based, then check their site for new hirings.

Check here for more details: Freshdesk.



SiteStaff hires for email support jobs from home frequently and accepts applications all the time even if they don’t have openings currently. That’s the great part!

You will work with different clients and mainly your work is answering customer queries regarding products through phone and email chats.

Here you have to work for 4 to 5 hrs on a daily basis and for one weekend in a month.

The average pay is $10 per hour and varies depending upon the clients and projects.

You need to have good Typing speed and should be efficient in language.

Check here for more details: SiteStaff.



The work here is to help online shoppers finding exactly what they want.

This is a great way to earn a side income since it doesn’t pay hourly, you don’t expect for more.

You earn points and later can redeem for merchandise and VISA gift cards.

Check here for more details: Needle.



It is an online platform which helps startups to design their own product and make it available further for selling. It connects to Shopify, and make it simple for owners to sell and process their payments.

This company hires customer support agents for Internet-based or email chat support work at home jobs. They have to assist the customer through internet chat.

You need an internet-connected device to apply for this. Check their site for current openings and apply.

Check here for more details: GearLaunch.



This is an app that provides mental health awareness or coaching on therapies etc.. They hire both Part-time and Full-time coaches.

To become an online health coach in Ginger.io, you must have a masters degree in Psychology or experience as a therapist.

It offers health coaching, therapy, self-care, etc…You need to interact with customers and can even give suggestions to members through chat process.

If you have any qualification that meets the requirements for this job on this site, you can immediately apply.

Check here for more details: Ginger.io.



Github frequently hires agents for email support duties to work remotely.

It is software and helps developers to manage their projects.

They often have openings for remote workers, keep an eye on their sites if you want to apply.

Check here for more details: Github.



Site5 is a web hosting service, hires live chat agents for customer support and technical support.

It requires you to have previous live chat experience to apply for this site. You should have some knowledge of web hosting, usage of the products that clients have.

The pay is around $13 to $15 and must be able to work for 15 to 20 hours per week.

They provide some benefits for remote workers as well like paid holidays, Medical insurance.

Check here for more details: Site5.



In Support.com you work as a personal technology expert or remote service technician to help customers and small business owners in technical aspects.

You need to have knowledge in the technical part and should clear the background check to be hired as an employee.

They have shift schedules and pay starts at $11 per hour.

Check here for more details: Support.com.



PrestoExperts is a great platform for email support jobs from home, helping others find out their programming needs.

They help users find tutors, professionals, experts to guide them online.

You can contact the clients through online platforms like email, live chat, and phone, etc.. and get paid for your work.

After signing up, you need to specify your experience and skills to clients.

Check here for more details: PrestoExperts.



They provide speedily and securely managed web press hosting and provides expert support. You will be chatting with customers and to even deal with tech support.

You must have knowledge of websites and web hosting.

There will be two shifts and you can choose the shift which you want to work for or you need to be moddable to accept any shift.

Before getting hired, you have to go through a paid test.

Check out for more details and sign up for chat jobs here Pressable.



The Operator is a mobile application. They hire experts to help users with their shopping experience.

You will receive live chat requests and have to recommend the best products for customers. There are plenty of products which are partnered with an operator and you have to choose among them.

You can make an average of $10 and even other offers if the customer buys the recommended products.

A minimum of 20 hours of work per week is to be done.

After your application is accepted, you will have to take a skill test, If you surpass the skill test then you will be hired.

Know more details and start earning Operator.



Mylivepro hires agents for email support jobs from home to respond for client inquiries through text chat.

You should be 18 yrs old and a resident of the USA and must pass the background check.

They hire you as an independent contractor, and here you are responsible for your taxes.

The pay is between $8 to $15 per hour and also depends on the client.

Go through their site for more details and sign up MyLivePro.



Live Person hires freelance customer support agents to assist them via email chat or instant messaging software.

They do not provide much information on their website but they notify when there are new openings.

So keep checking the website for new hirings.

Check here for hirings LivePerson.


Kelly Connect:

It provides customer service solutions for business people across the world and hires freelance chat advisors for the services.

You can make $15 per hour in the beginning and $500 after completion of the training program.

To apply for this, you should have a certification in high school diploma and previous experience as a customer service agent.

The work schedule is flexible and payment is done on a weekly basis.

Check here for new chat positions Kelly Connect.



They provide customer service solutions for companies working on Telecommunication.

You should have a typing speed of 50 words per minute(WPM) and excellent communications skill and ability to research independently.

At least you need certification in high school diploma for this job.

The payment is based on the complexity involved in work and your performance.

Know more details and join here Talk2Rep.



Televated provides email support jobs from home across the United States. Provides customer solutions for small and micro-businesses.

You will work as an independent contractor, Here your work and time schedule varies with the need for client needs.

The pay is $8 per hour. Payment will be done to you twice a month through PayPal.

Check here for more details and sign up Televated.


The Chat Shop:

It hires live chat service agents for websites who work remotely.

They provide you with proper training in the technical support field and in customer services.

You should have a typing speed of 80 words per minute(WPM)and good communications skills.

They offer a full-time position and you have to work for 35 hrs per week.

Pay starts at $10 per hour.

Know more details and apply TheChatShop.



Indeed is one of the best platforms to get virtual chat jobs or work at home jobs.

Just search as chat agent or chat support and Indeed appears on the search result on top of the list.

You can find several chat agent positions.

Check here for more details and apply now Indeed.



ICUC hires agents for social media marketing and email customer service jobs from home. You help people manage their accounts by responding to followers.

You will find various jobs depending upon the requirements of clients. Keep checking their website for new openings.

Check here ICUC.



Flexjobs provide best remote, freelance, and part-time jobs across the world.

It is one of the best platforms for remote jobs.

If you are looking forward to work from home, keep checking the website for hirings and apply.

Check here Flexjobs.



TeleTech is a platform that provides various freelance jobs. You must be minimum of 17 yrs old to apply for this chat jobs.

You must have a certification in high school diploma. A test is conducted and you need to pass in order to get placed, and if you don’t pass the test, you will attempt it after 60 days.

The pay is around $9 to $11 per hour. Shifts may range for 4 to 6 hours and you have to work for at least 20 hours per week.

You will be given the list of projects and you can choose to work with them.

Get more details and sign up TeleTech.



Uber hires email and chats agents for providing customer inquiries. You should work for 40 hrs for a week.

Before getting hired, they provide paid training for 3 days.

Pay starts at $10 per hour and you will have benefits like paid leaves and etc..

You must have good communication skills. Get more details and apply Uber.


Written by Sravani Meesala